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Massachusetts Online Advertising

Reach Massachusetts Residents: Advertising is available on, reaches thousands of Massachusetts people each month, and has been online since 2011.

Advertising is offered as bold listings, banners on individual pages, as additional links (i.e. links to your website from additional pages, or, additional links on the same page for multiple locations) or as a featured website.

Banners are available for purchase monthly, with a three month minimum commitment. You may supply your own banner (468x80 pixels, no more than 65K file size) or have create one for you for an additional $60. Banner fees vary from page to page for numerous reasons, including page popularity and content size. To reduce confusion, each page is numbered near the bottom of the page, and that page's fee is expressed by letter as shown in the example below.

The arrow shows the spot where the letter is found.
The letters correspond to the charges shown in the table below.

Rate    Monthly Cost

A    $ 25
B    $ 40
C    $ 55
D    $ 65
E    $ 75
F    $ 80
G    $ 90
H    $ 109
K    $ 129

No more than 2 banner advertisers will ever appear on one page. If available, you can have guaranteed exclusivity for an additional $30/Month for A-C pages and $50/Month for D-K pages regardless of the normal rate.

To order, call the sales department at 603.491.4340.

Bold Listings in the directory are available for $40 annually and allow you to give us any descriptive copy (up to 10 words, no superlatives) desired. To order, call the sales department at 603.491.4340.

Additional Links are available in any quantity for $40 annually. Simply select the page number(s) you wish to add links to and give us any descriptive copy (up to 14 words, no superlatives) you wish to use and we'll make it so. The annual fee covers a calendar year beginning on the first day of the month following order placement. The balance of the current month is offered at no additional charge with purchase.

To order, call the sales department at 603.491.4340.

Quantity Discounts are available for annual purchase of banners or any purchase that exceeds $750. Take your choice of either 2 free additional links, a 10% discount, or 2 extra months of banners placement.

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